Explore the Hub's Diversity of Farms


The Hub seeks to support producers in Lorain and six surrounding counties: Ashland, Cuyahoga, Erie, Huron, Medina, and Wayne.  The map above indicates the location of the hub (green star), the local farms we source from (green pins), and our local buyers (blue pins).  You can click on any pin for more information and link to their website (if applicable) or read on below for a list and description of each of our producers.


A & A Produce - Sullivan, OH

A & A produce has been growing organic produce for City Fresh, Heinen's, and Green Field growers for many years. Considered a pioneer in restoration agriculture, the owner is committed to understanding the complex relationship between soil microbial life, mineral abundance, and plant health. 

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Autumn Harvest - Wooster, OH

The Ladrach family - Beth and Marcus, with their sons Will and Ben - run this small, sustainable farm in Wooster, Ohio. Since 1946, the family-owned farm has produced grass-fed beef, pork, and chicken, along with organic seasonal produce. Check out their video, which features Marcus's folksy fiddle and accordion music! 


Black River Organic Farm - Wellington, OH

Black River Organics is a 42 acre certified organic specialty crop farm.  At one time the farm was a conventional dairy operation. Bought in 2006, the land was rented for conventional corn, soybean and wheat farming. It was then converted to certified organic and now grows fruits and vegetables/


Camp Road Farm - 

60 acres of fields and growing, Camp Road Farm is among the largest growers of produce in the region, supplying numerous businesses in North East Ohio, including many in Oberlin. At just 34 years old, Camp Road Farm's owner is among the leaders of sustainable agriculture in the region.

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Elk Creek Honey Farm - Southern Lorain County

Beekeepers Tim and Renee harvest raw honey and make other honey products. Their honey-based products include herbal and flavored honeys, as well as cosmetics and other beeswax products.

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Green Field Farms - Wooster, OH

Established in 2003, this farmer-owned co-op organizes and teaches Amish farmers the power of organic techniques and cooperative marketing. At Green Field Farms, they strive for "beyond organic" - wholesome values to produce wholesome food.


Grim Farm - New London, OH

Owned by the Grim Family, this dairy farm is committed to keeping soil healthy for a rich taste in their products.


Grobe Fruit Farm - Elyria, OH

This family-run farm has an abundance of apples and also provides the Hub with delicious and fresh corn on the cob!


JH Weilnau Farm  - Milan, OH

This family farm produces organic fruits and vegetable with an emphasis on "Faith, Family, and Farming."

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Lettuce Heads Farm - Wellington, OH

Lettuce Heads is a start-up aquaponics (greens grown in water that is mineralized with the excrements of fish) lead by two fathers, who have farmed traditionally throughout their lifetime, and two sons, who want to operate a more sustainable farming operation.


Quarry Hill Orchards - Berlin Heights, OH

This family-owned orchard grows a wide variety of fruits, including pears, cherries, peaches, and many types of apples. The Gammie family also supports a farm-to-school program to educate children about food and nutrition.


Sunsational Farms - Wayne County, OH

With over 40 acres of sunflower fields, this beautiful and car-stopping farm is all about producing freshly pressed oil for local markets. Dave, the main farmer at Sunsational, has been farming all his life -- as he says, "I have dirt in my veins!"

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Tyler's Farm - Oberlin, OH

Tyler's Farm specializes in hydroponic greens.  This small family-run operation built their greenhouses in 2012 and has been growing ever since.


Valley City Fungi - Valley City, OH

John, a self-taught fungiculturist, grows several varieties of organic Shiitake and oyster mushrooms, along with other types of gourmet fungi. These are all grown in his incredible self-built farm, made from shipping containers.


Walnut Lane Farm

Located on County Rd 281, Walnut Lane is a thirty acre farm that supplies a wide variety of produce and livestock. The owners began transitioning to restoration agriculture in 2008 to participate as a City Fresh produce supplier. With the help of their 12 children, they are among the largest suppliers of sustainably grown produce in the network.

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Wayward Seed Farm - Marysville, OH

Jaime and Adam co-founded this certified organic farm in 2006, where they produce bountiful, heritage and heirloom vegetables.